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   Grand Carpet Mill - quality exercise treadmills for dogs!

Q  Do you have any video of a dog on a treadmill?
    A  Click here for a video of Levi having a great time on a Grand Deluxe Mill.  You can also see some more video on our testimonials page here.  A Google search on Grand Carpet Mill will also turn up many happy customers!

Q  Is a warranty included with my mill?
    A  We make furniture quality mills - just like the furniture in your living room! As you would expect of quality furniture, we include a 30 day workmanship warranty to guarantee your happiness upon delivery and initial use. We assemble and test *every* mill we make - if you find a problem with one of our treadmills, contact us asap!

Q  Is any assembly required?
    A  All our mills are fully assembled and tested at our facility.  The sides, head bar, and legs are removed for shipping. Reassembly and set up of the mill takes less than ten minutes.

Q  How does my mill ship?
    A  Our mills ship in a flat box via UPS (we can't ship to a PO Box).  You'll need to reassemble the mill, it'll take you less than 10 minutes.

Q  How can I order a mill?
    A  You can order on our web site using a major credit card - select your product(s) and click on the buy now PayPal button directly below it.  Your can order by check or money order by sending payment to     GRAND CARPET MILL     2300 W. DEAN ROAD     TEMPERANCE, MI. 48182

Q  Do you ship international or to Alaksa/Hawaii?
    A  Absolutely!  Let us know where you are, we'll quote the most cost efficient way to get you a mill!

Q  What's the turn around? When will my mill get shipped?
    A  We actually turn most orders around in 3 to 5 days. Checks add a few days to process.

Q  How can I make the belt last 3 times as long?
    A  You can triple your belt life by applying a topical coating of siliconized acrylic caulk to the top rubber surface. The process is fairly simple and requires minimal time and materials. What you will need:  Two tubes of MAX 5000 GE Window and door Siliconized Acrylic Caulk (can be purchased from Lowes), a caulking gun, and a small plastic squeegee.  Apply the caulking to the top of belt in thin beads and use the squeegee to spread the material across the entire surface of the belt. Repeat the process until you cover the complete belt. Only a thin layer is required. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Additional coatings can be applied as belt starts to ware.

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