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From Erin Kramer
I just wanted to drop you guys a line as a recent purchaser of the Grand Deluxe mill to let you know how pleased we are with the product. We run a dog training/behavior rehabilitation center in Sacramento, CA area and we focus on difficult cases such as dogs with serious fear or aggression issues as well as training sport and K9 dogs. We have been using your treadmill as a part of our training process from our working dogs to our higher energy pups with great results. We often get dogs who have too much energy/frustration and that leads to a build up of issues where the dog cannot be expected to perform at their best. The treadmill doesn't solve it all, but it does help set up the dogs for success as they go through the training process and with a thoughtful and positive approach to it, the dogs absolutely love it!
So we have been recommending it for specific clients to purchase (and we have such amazing clients they do what we tell them needs to happen) and are going to be offering a training package specifically for clients who want to get their dog on the treadmill. We have even posted some video on our facebook page and people are always interested.
Happy to be supporting a great product that is helping the dogs here reduce the aggression, anxiety, and pent up energy issues!
Erin Kramer :)
Owner of Tug Dogs California

From Shak Williams
Hello. I bought a big dog mill earlier this year.
Aci v Leithawald. VA 3 German Shepherd at 2014 Sieger show in St. Louis.

Santo vom Leithawald.
VA 6. 2014 Sieger show in St. Louis.
V1 at Wesley Chapel dog club conformation show. December 2014.

I've referrred some of my friends to you.
Shak Williams


From Debi Manfredi
It's been a few months since receiving our grand deluxe mill and I wanted you to know we are very grateful. I wanted a treadmill for my 11 year old weimaraner as he has some 'senior dog issues' that make his long-distance excursions no longer possible. I am so glad we chose your product. He learned to use it quickly; we started out slowly and he's built up to 8 minutes, 2-4 times daily. I keep increasing him as long as he's comfortable. The mill is sturdy & beautify and will see many years use with future dogs, too. I wanted to thank you for creating such a quality product and wish you continued success! :-)
Debi Manfredi

._______________________________________________________ Here is my girl "Hera" enjoying a vigorous run, while my Golden Retriever "Comet" supervises. It took Hera two or three weeks to get the rhythm down for galloping, but now she has it and she runs like the wind. (I just applied the caulk to the belt yesterday as you recommend. I found my fingers worked better to rub in evenly into/onto the belt than the plastic squeegee. I'm not sure they make the Max5000 caulk any more, but I used a similar DAP acrylic caulk with silicon.) -- Steve

From Millicent Little;
Just wanted to let you know that I have had my carpet mill from you about three years now. I cannot speak more highly of the quality of this product, and it's value as a conditioning tool. It was super easy to assemble, and even easier to change the belt. Also, thanks for the tip for caulking the belt with syliconized has tripled the life of my belt, and no 'road dust'. I have seen a definite improvement in my dogs strength and muscle tone. Thanks for such a great treadmill! Here is one of my dogs, Solomon, enjoying his workout:¤t=GoBoyGo.flv

~Millicent Little Ypsilanti, Michigan

From Kristine Gunter;
It arrived today and my Corgi loves it! Here's a video of her on it just a few minutes after I finished assembling it:

Kristine Gunter
Author of, "The Corgi Chronicles"

From Ken;
I had to film this:
my dog was on the thing and walking almost immediately. after the first day, he started to get a better sense of the pace. I expect he will be running full tilt next week sometime.

ken. My sweet rescue pit bull loves your Grand Deluxe Treadmill. It's so well manufactured, assembly was easy, and it's handsome-looking -- truly "furniture quality" as promised. We got our carpet mill from you guys about two weeks ago, We have 3 APBT and 2 out of 3 absoultly love to get there time on the mill. My female runs like there is no tomorrow on it. My little male will tolerate it, but we do have to bribe him to run with some slice turkey or whatever is in fridge. This was one of the best investments we have made for our dogs. When are you guys gonna come out with a motorized mill for the lazy dogs (hahaha)?. Thank you Steve Gray Grizzly Bear Kennels

From Greg;
It was a snap to set up, and my dog has taken to it like a duck in water! I was prepared to spend a month or longer teaching her how to run on the treadmill.
The first day, I set it up and left it alone...paid no attention to it.

Yesterday, we had five 2 minute sessions where I held the belt and let her stand on it while I praised her.

Today, I loosely gripped the front roller and let her walk a minute (mostly stutter steps) at 9am.  Again at 11am. At 1pm, she jumped on herself and started walking fast...I let her go for 3min.  At 2pm she got back on and went full gallop!

She can start and stop it on her own, run full speed or an easy trot. In less than 3 days...outstanding!

Thank you so much for a wonderful product, soon I'll be "off the grid" with Comet generating all my power requirements;)


From Jess
What an awesome product.  I have a 4 month old APBT and I was concerned that he might not take to it very well.  It wasn't 5 minutes until he was at full speed.  I am certainly going to tell all of my friends about this.

Thanks alot for a great product!







Thug the Pulling Pug,
from the August '07 Illinois Bully Breed Show

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